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Chapter 6, e-Business & e-Commerce Models and Strategies.

Electronic business (e-business) is business that uses the Internet and online networks as the channel to consumers, supply chain partners, employees, and so on. During the early web era, the online channel was stand-alone. Typically retailers rushed to build business-to-consumer (B2C) web sites, and set up online business units that were independent and separated from their traditional, offline, channels. Those e-business units were managed and evaluated according to different metrics, incentives, and operating models. Why? Because e-commerce was treated as something so fundamentally different, strange, or high-tech that traditional financial metrics did not apply. When dot-coms started failing on a massive scale in 20000, managers learned that financial principles and marketing concepts applied to e-commerce. Since then, numerous other e-commerce models have emerged, been implemented, and then been replaced by newer ones as web and wireless technologies and applications emerged. This chapter exams e-business and e-commerce models and strategies.

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  1. Turn to page 165 and read IT at Work 6.1 Online Auctions for Commerce
  2. Respond to questions 1 through 5
  3. Turn to page 167 and read IT at Work 6.3 ING Direct, The Larges Online Bank
  4. Respond to questions 1 through 4
  5. Turn to page 186 and perform Online Activity 16. (
  6. Respond to corresponding questions.
  7. Turn to page 187 and read Case 2-E-GOVERNMENT
  8. Respond to questions 1 through

1. What was the dot-com bubble? What lessons were learned from it?

2.List some benefits of operating as an e-business. Discuss each benefit.

3.What are the requirements and challenges of e-business? Explain each.

4.What is the importance of PCI DSS compliance?

5.Define the term “business model” and list five e-business models.

6.How did ING Direct become the world’s largest online bank?

7.Why did ING Direct use both online and offline marketing campaigns?

8.What attracted customers to online banking at ING Direct?

9.What attracted brick-and-mortar banks into the online banking segment?

10.Visit and identify at least three specific elements of its personalization and customization features. Browse specific book on one particular subject, leave the site, and then go back and revisit the site. What did you see? Are these features likely to encourage you to purchase more books in the future from Check the One-Click feature and other shopping aids provided. List the features and discuss how they may lead to increased sales.

11.Why are government agencies increasingly interested in using cloud and mobile technologies to accomplish their missions?

12.Why is security even more important for government agencies than businesses in the private sector?

13.What is the purpose of the new federal government IT dashboard?

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