Comment1Evaluating the outcome of an evidence-based practice project is the final step of the process.  I would probably choose one or two different methods of evaluation-starting with a survey for staff and patients.  Surveys are easy and usually have a good number of responses.  I would compare the answers to the survey done prior to the implementation of the EBP project.  Another method would be to collect data involving safety issues prior to and since the project improvements.A survey for nurses regarding bullying would include questions to see if they are more comfortable at work with the new policy changes in place and if they would make a report if they had a bullying experience.  The main objective in reducing bullying in the nursing workforce is to attempt to reduce the number of nurses leaving and increase nurse retention.  Therefore, it would be important to make sure the message has been understood and policies enforced.  Posting results to employees communicates transparency in the process.Comment2Evaluation for my EBP could be done through data collection. Data collection done through monitoring of rate of adherence to treatment by these patient population. Monitoring means “regularly collecting information on your project that will help you answer basic questions about your work”. (Evaluating your Project, 2015). Data collection on persistence with therapy will be one major way of evaluating my project effectiveness. Varying types of data would need to be collected to prove persistence to treatment such as,  (1) data on refill rate or medication possession rate (MPR), because as patients take their medications, they should be refilling their prescriptions. (2) data collection on increasing or decreasing reports of adverse reactions to medications for treatment. If reports of adverse reactions resulting from improper intake of these medication are on the decrease that means patients are receiving the proper education and counselling and are adhering to them (3) Patient satisfaction with treatment and monitoring trends in treatment outcomes such as decreasing rate of fracture and increase bone mineral density in patients taking these oral medications for treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis, since these medications are found to be effective in reversing bone loss, maintain bone density and prevent fracture. (Osteoporosis Treatment Medications can Help, 2017).

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