Complete a review of literature and select a minimum of 3 articles that are appropriate research articles related to your question.

  • Critique each of the articles using the guide in Appendix F. (Download the pdf from the companion website for the text and save it to your computer. Or it is attached below for your convenience. When you open the pdf, you will be able to enter text in the lines and check boxes).

Appraisal C Integrative Review(2).docx

Appraisal E Qualitative Review(2).docx

Appraisal F Quanitative Review.docx


Rubric for Appen

Rubric for Appendix C E and F

Completely filled out (All yes/no questions) including Citation, Comments, and open ended questions 100 points.

Completely filled out (All yes/no questions) excluding Citation, Comments, and open ended questions 80 points

These are the only points to be awarded for this assignment. Partially filled out yes/no questions and only one or two of the written comments/questions filled in will receive a 0. So you can chose to make 100, 80, or 0.

dix C E F.docx

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