TE -511 Technical Education

Missed Assignment

Assignment 2: Project Proposal-Due Tuesday, February 12, 2019 by 9:00 p.m.

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Project Proposal Due 02/22/2018

Students will develop a one and a half to two page research proposal(please do not attempt to submit an entire paper) that reflects Technology Education in other countries. The proposal must consist of a title, need, overview, major points, and summary. This will be due on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 by 9:00 p.m.

See below for Example (you cannot use this title or content):

Title: “Technology Education: Its development and impact in the East Africa” (You should identify a country (other than U. S.) with a Technology Education program that you would like to explore use my title or idea—my title is just an example)

Need: As society increases in need for skilled worker to immediately enter workforce, technical education serves as a leading avenue (Murphy, 2017). There is a need for……. (youshould 3-5 sentence, minimum here)

Overview: Technology Education is a mechanism where social change and economic development come to fruition. Technological innovation helped to promote this form of education by…..(you should 3-5 sentence, minimum here)

Major points (This can be 3-5 bullet points you plan to discuss in your research paper):

1) Define Technology Education

2) Discuss Development Technology Education in East Africa (you identify a country)

3) Describe Technology Education programs and impact

4) Describe the workforce that Technology Education prepare in East Africa

Summary: Summarize your expected outcome in 5 sentences (minimum).

(Please submit in Canvas by the deadline. Please follow format, exactly. Document must be in MS Word, times new roman with 12 point font. Do not email assignment to me–it will not be accepted. Also, do not email assignment to me prior to deadline and ask me to review before you submit. This is not permissible)

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