Professional Development Training – Network Scheduling Techniques An individual assignment
You have been asked by your organization to lead a training workshop sponsored by the Project
Management Office (PMO). It has been explained to you that your experience and proven
project management success, you are considered a subject matter expert for Network
Scheduling Techniques. The group of people for which you will be training have little project
experience, but the organization has recognized their interest in becoming project managers
and would like to train and retain these people. With the demand for well trained, skilled
project managers, the organization has committed time to their training. It has been
communicated to you that the group has received training for foundational project
management concepts; basically what is involved in planning a project. Now they need to learn
the techniques for putting together a schedule. The expectation is that you will develop the
training materials and conduct a day-long workshop to include:
Part I 1. A Glossary of Terms which you feel are most important in order to understand Network Scheduling Techniques. Limit is two pages. This is a document that your students will take with them as reference.

2. An outline of your 1 – day training (providing two-three sentences for each topic heading). Start with the heading Introduction and end with heading Conclusion. The schedule for the day is 8:00am – 4:00pm with a break in the morning and afternoon and a 30-minute lunch.

3. A written narrative that you will use at the beginning of class as an introduction to this day dedicated to Network Scheduling Techniques. Include the learning objectives, brief historical reference and other key points you consider relevant.

Part II
It is known that one of the techniques you will be demonstrating to the class is Critical Path Method. You will be instructing the class for how to determine the critical path, using both forward and backward pass as well as finding slack/float. As part of your training materials you will develop a classroom exercise consisting of:
1. A short 8-10 activity list representing a hypothetical project of your choice. This includes activity/task name, duration and predecessors.

2. A correlating or representative Activity on Node Diagram that indicates: activity duration, (ES) (LS) (EF) (LF), and slack/float. For this assignment, provide this graphical representation by free-hand drawing, a drawing software or excel. Do not use MS Project or other scheduling software.

3. A list of 3 – 5 questions and answers pertaining to the value of using the technique. This will be used for a classroom discussion once they complete the exercise above.

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