Create a Java program that does the following. The program should be saved to a file named Chapter 08 Extra Credit.


Welcome to the Loan Calculator


Enter loan amount: ten

Error! Invalid decimal. Try again.

Enter loan amount: -1

Error! Number must be greater than 0.0

Enter loan amount: 100000000000

Error! Number must be less than 1000000.0

Enter loan amount: 500000

Enter yearly interest rate: 5.6

Enter number of years: thirty

Error! Invalid integer value. Try again.

Enter number of years: -1

Error! Number must be greater than 0

Enter number of years: 100

Error! Number must be less than 100

Enter number of years: 30


Loan amount: $500,000.00

Yearly interest rate: 5.6%

Number of years: 30

Monthly payment: $2,870.39

Continue? (y/n):

Error! This entry is required. Try again.

Continue? (y/n): x

Error! Entry must be ‘y’ or ‘n’. Try again.

Continue? (y/n): n

All you need is in the file please read it first

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