I need you to write down 2 pages since spaced about how it would feel like if your eyesight goes bad and hearing goes bad and feeling if touch goes bad.

the way you do it is

you wear gloves get glasses and smudge vaseline on it and wear earphones with low sound and try to function for 4 days without doing anything illegal does not have to be actually done but must act like it did

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(half a page) you write down how you did it ^^ as mentioned above ( I AM A GIRL IN MY 20’s SO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE I DID IT)

the other (half a page to one page) you write how this felt (you got irritated or I don’t know fell broke your leg something anything just not too dramatic)

(half a page to one page) about how this rates back to older people and how this makes you understand older people better.

must be full 2 pages

must be following must be APA format requirements

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