You are a newly appointed Chief Manager and your role is to evaluate the implementation of market opportunity to launch a completely new and appealing brand within the Omantel company located in Sultanate of Oman suitable for the market in your country. In the formulation of your new brand you can choose to enter a new category of fast-moving consumer goods or remain in the hot beverages’ category.

In your role as a Manager:

Part 1: Using appropriate knowledge of management and business philosophies, concepts and theory, critically

evaluate the strengths of Omantel company inside Oman marketing activity in delivering value with respect its current

brands and consumers.

Part 2: Research and evaluate the key dynamics and trends in the competitive and external environments. Identify

the key factors that underpin the opportunities for the new brand. Based on this, ‘suggest’ the potential target

market for a new brand.

Part 3: In accordance with your knowledge of the strategic planning process make appropriate recommendations

to build a sustainable new management which can leads to a better result in choosing brand name. Your

suggestions for implementation must be underpinned with relevant theory and real-life/academic case studies.

*** Words count = 1900 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Omantel company website:

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