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Read the case study below and answer the corresponding questions as if you were the school principal:

Your school district is a conservative community whose residents value academic achievement and strong moral guidelines for their children. Parents are generally not opposed to change if they are convinced that it would improve student success, but they certainly would not support unproven alterations to a school curriculum they felt was working.

As principal, you decided to introduce the concept of performance-based assessments. You feel confident about gaining approval and discussing your plans with the superintendent before beginning any discussions with parents or staff. All teachers seem to be on board as the new assessments become aligned with the curriculum and state tests. However, there is one 5th grade teacher (very traditional) in your school that is opposed to this change and becomes very vocal about her opposition. Word has now spread throughout the close knit community. The Parent Advisory Council, that acts as a watchdog over the District, have begun publicly questioning performance based assessments. Contemplate what you would do in this role as principal and respond to the following questions/directives.

Part I- Developing and Articulating your Vision for Teaching and Learning

  1. Discuss how performance-based assessments fit into your overall vision for your school (ELCC 1.1).
    A. Your vision should be grounded in relevant knowledge and theories. In your discussion be considerate of how this vision promotes the success of all students.
  2. Discuss how you might communicate or articulate this vision of the inclusion of performance-based assessments to the superintendent, teachers/staff and parents (ELCC 1.2). A. Consider what strategies you would use to articulate your vision (relevant research, student assessment results, student demographic data, community needs, etc.).
  3. Now that you have described performance-based assessment and how it fits into your larger vision, you must be convincing on how it will contribute to a positive school culture. How might this assessment strategy capitalize on the diversity of the school community to improve existing school programs and culture? (ELCC 2.1)
  4. Describe how performance-based assessments will: (ELCC 2.2) / A. Improve instructional practices and curricular materials / B. Fully accommodate learners’ diverse needs / C. Be integrated or introduced with technology systems
  5. Using appropriate research strategies, describe how you would work with faculty to achieve the outcomes you have presented. (ELCC 2.3) / A. Be sure to describe how you will assist school personnel in understanding and applying best practices for student learning/ B. Be considerate of any human development and motivational theories in this learning process.

Part II- Design a Comprehensive Professional Growth Plan

6. Submit a professional growth plan that describes the incorporation of performance-based assessments into the school’s curriculum. (ELCC 2.4)

a.Your plan should be based on reflective practice and research on student learning consistent with the school vision and goals that show a commitment to life-long learning.

b. Discuss what strategies you will employ (i.e. observations, collaborative reflection, adult learning strategies, etc) to develop the comprehensive professional growth plan with teachers and other school personnel.

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