Prepare and write a case study which demonstrates your understanding of some of the major topics in project management: Organization Strategy and Project Selection, Developing a Project Plan, Managing Risk, Scheduling Resources and Costs, Reducing Project Duration and Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation.

The case itself should be of sufficient length and detail so that the reader could complete the case questions you pose in the case. You are to provide at least three open-ended questions and/or specific questions (for quantitative cases) along with solutions/responses to these questions. Typically, this is between 2 and 4 pages long, not including the solution/responses.

The case may be qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both.

The case study can be fictional but may be based on real world examples from your knowledge or work experiences. You may use the case examples form the textbook (FYI: The Managerial Process by Erik Larson and Clifford Gray ) for additional guidance and/or ideas.

You will need to submit the case and any files (Excel, Word and/or MS Project) needed to show the complete solution to the case, as appropriate. The written case itself should be in MS Word format.

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