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The purpose of this assignment is to creatively demonstrate an understanding of infant developmental milestones as they pertain to cognition, motor skills, sensation, and perception. Using information from Chapter 5 of your text, write a short story about a child’s journey from birth to age 1. This can be a fictional child, or can be based on a real child. The story should be three to five pages in addition to the title page and the reference page. Use at least one reference in addition to your text. Your paper should also be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

a. Describe the child’s sensory experiences at birth (e.g. sight, hearing, movement).

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b. Analyze how these senses develop and become more evolved? At the age of 6 months, identify what this same child can hear, see, and do?

c. Describe what a day in this child’s life might look like by age 1. Include pictures in your Word document

Include the following developmental milestones in your story:

    1. Social and Emotional
      • Enjoys imitating people in his play.
      • Shows specific preferences for certain people and toys.
      • Tests parental responses to his actions during feedings.
      • Tests parental responses to his behavior.
      • Prefers mother and/or regular caregiver over all others.
      • Repeats sounds or gestures for attention.
      • Finger-feeds himself.
      • Extends arm or leg to help when being dressed.
    1. Cognitive
      • Explores objects in many different ways (shaking, banging, throwing, dropping).
      • Finds hidden objects easily.
      • Looks at correct picture when the image is named.
      • Imitates gestures.
      • Begins to use objects correctly (drinking from cup, brushing hair, dialing phone, listening to receiver).
    1. Language
      • Pays increasing attention to speech.
      • Responds to simple verbal requests.
      • Responds to “no.”
      • Uses simple gestures, such as shaking head for “no.
      • Babbles with inflection (changes in tone).
      • Says “dada” and “mama.”
      • Uses exclamations, such as “Oh-oh!”
      • Tries to imitate words.
    1. Motor
      • Reaches sitting position without assistance.
      • Crawls forward on belly.
      • Assumes hands-and-knees position.
      • Creeps on hands and knees.
      • Gets from sitting to crawling or prone (lying on stomach) position.
      • Pulls self up to stand.
      • Walks holding on to furniture.
      • Stands momentarily without support.
      • May walk two or three steps without support.
    1. Hand and Finger Skills
      • Uses pincer grasp.
      • Bangs two objects together.
      • Puts objects into container.
      • Takes objects out of container.
      • Lets objects go voluntarily.
      • Pokes with index finger.
      • Tries to imitate scribbling.

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