A. As you’ve seen in reading (Urban Patterns), geographers are particularly interested in the distribution of urban areas. We use models to help determine where people tend to live in urban areas. What model of urban development does your present city or town most closely resemble (better be in CA)? In what ways do some specific parts of it also resemble the other urban models? Be as specific as possible. Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; worth 2 points) – include a map and/or ariel image that supports your discussion.

B. Transportation is a major physical, social, economic and environmental challenge cities face. As you’ve read in Ch 13. Urban Patterns, both automobiles and public transit have advantages and disadvantages. Many scholars argue that U.S. cities are too dependent on automobiles. In your opinion, assuming you must replace automobiles for a large proportion of the population, what alternative modes of transportation seem most promising in terms of urban planning and individual lifestyle choices? Why?

Be sure to cite all outside resources using MLA citation. Your initial post should be 250 words minimum.

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