Introduction: This week’s discussion activities focus on Chapters 5 and 6 from the course textbook, which examine war and conflict from realist and liberal perspectives. While I’m counting on you, as suggested by the poster above, not to discuss troop movements, ship sailings, or any top secret details about war equipment, I AM counting on you to offer creative and comprehensive answers to this week’s discussion topics!

Instructions: You will consider some of the core concepts that practitioners and scholars of international relations use in thinking about war and conflict. You will apply these concepts towards understanding and interpreting some contemporary events and situations that affect both the world abroad and those of us in the US. While your contributions to the discussion forum this week may emphasize issues of conflict managementintroduced in Chapter 6, you should support your argument by incorporating foundational concepts about war and conflict from Chapter 5 into your response (especially in the question that you pose to your peer reviewer). You are required to provide both in-text and reference citations in APA for all sources utilized.

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  • For better or worse, the actions of Kim Jong-un and the North Korean regime over the past few months have provided innumerable opportunities to apply the ideas, concepts, and theories introduced in our course, especially from a realist perspective. This week we will consider the nuclear ambitions of the North Korean regime within the framework of mutually assured destruction. Familiarize yourself with the current status of North Korea’s nuclear program by reading at least one or two of the articles below:

    You may also incorporate any outside sources you wish (but be sure to cite them appropriately and provide a link!) In your response you should accomplish the following:

    • Summarize: Based on the article(s) you read, how would you characterize the motivations behind the North Korean nuclear weapons program? If the program is intended to have a deterrenceeffect, would you say that it is a direct, extended, immediate, or general effect?
    • Evaluate: The principle of mutually assured destruction was the motivating principle behind the acquisition of large nuclear weapons stockpiles by the United States and Soviet Union in the 1960s. Could this principle explain North Korea’s program today? If so, how? If not, why not?
    • Analyze: Consider the balance of power. Are the North Korean attempts at nuclear weapons development a credible threat to the existing balance of power dynamics in East Asia today? If not, what might explain the efforts at brinkmanship we have been able to observe (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. recently?
    • Reflect: After thinking about how you have answered your assigned prompt, what questions remain unanswered? Propose at least one discussion question drawing from concepts introduced in Chapter 5 related to your assigned prompt that your peer can respond to in their response for this week.

    Your discussion posts should carefully address your assigned articles and directly cite the course textbook or other course materials as appropriate, and should consist of at least 200 words. You are required to provide both in-text and reference citations in APA for all sources utilized.

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