Discuss the creation of slavery in English America and the complexities of slavery across the Americas. Why did Africans and their descendants became the majority of slaves in the thirteen colonies? How did the treatment of Native Americans compare to Africans? (Use the Africans in America video and the Gallay essay for this).

  • You must include informal parenthetical citations for all material directly referenced from the sources. Use this citation format: (author, publication year)
  • Response should demonstrate your understanding of the relevant key concepts presented in this lesson.
  • Make sure your ideas are expressed clearly, concisely and use appropriate vocabulary.
  • You must alternate between the Film Response and Chapter Response each week. If your last response post was a Film Response, then this post must be a Chapter Response and vice versa.
  • You are required to title your post either “Film Response Post” or “Chapter Response Post” depending upon which option you select.
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