Please  answer the following 5 questions. Length must be 2 pages in addition to the title and reference pages. APA Format. I attached a checklist for your convenience. Thank you!

1. What factors should be considered to provide maximal protection when people are exercising in the cold?

2. How would training at medium altitude and then competing at higher altitude affect a runner’s performance? How would training at sea level affect a runner’s performance?

3. Discuss the health risks associated with acute exposure to high altitude and how can these risks be minimized?

4. What alterations occur in strength, power, and muscular endurance with physical detraining?

5. What similarities do we see between spaceflight and detraining? Why does the body make these adaptations during spaceflight?

Essay Checklist for Success

Use this form as a check list for essays:

· Is the paper double spaced?

· Does the paper include a cover page with name and title?

· Does the paper include headings to separate content areas?

· Does the paper include page numbers?

· Is there a clear discussion of the subject matter using your own writing?

· Do the references that appear in the body of the paper also appear in the reference section of the paper?

· Does the paper properly cite references?

· Are the references from peer-reviewed research or reputable sources?

· Has the paper been spell-checked?

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