According to Piaget, children make a number of important cognitive advances during the Concrete Operational Stage during the Middle Childhood years.(1) From the advances described on page 207 (conservation, classification, seriation, or transitivity), pleaseselect and describe the advancethat you think is the MOST significant during this period and explain WHY you think it is important. Please be as specific as you can. (Feel free to look up more information on these advances if the description in the text is not completely clear to you.)(2) Provide a SPECIFIC example of how this advancement would lead you to interact with a middle child differently than you would with a younger child who has not yet developed that ability. In other words, describe a specific situation NOT already described in the textbook, where you would need to interact with a younger and an older child differently.The specific situation MUST revolve around the advancement you chose for #1 above. Suggesting the an older child “would be more logical” or could “understand more” DOES NOT answer the question, because that could apply to ANY of the advancements.

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