1st Part

Search for an article about the most commonly committed fraud in a geographic area of your choice. (Georgia, United States)

  • Summarize the article in your posting.
  • Identify and describe the type of fraud that is mentioned in the article.
  • Did the fraud case involve civil or criminal court actions?
  • APA format, 500 word minimum.

2nd Part

Identify a recent major fraud that has occurred outside of the United States.

  • Summarize the facts of the fraud case.
  • Describe some potential legal consequences that could occur if the fraud happened within the United States.
  • Describe the legal concepts behind the hypothetical consequences.
  • What kind of changes do you foresee to the rules, laws, and procedures that govern the circumstances of the scenario that the fraud exploited?
  • APA format, 500 word minimum.
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