Remember the Hawthorne Studies from Business & Society, Principles of Management, and/or Organizational Behavior?Even back in the early 1930 we could (and did) monitor workers to the point where management knew how many telephone relays were built per day, per hour, per minute.You have read about utilitarian theory.You have studied how managers have every right to optimize production.Hopefully, in a college of business, you are learning those tools every day—that is why you are studying business… Businesses own the machinery, the method, the material, and they hire the human resources to put everything together to build a good or service.Anything that decreases productivity is essentially theft of resources from the firm.

Question #1: Why in the world would any worker have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in the workplace?

On a more personal level…You are taking this on-line class with the expectation that you will not have any of your exams proctored.Given the geographically dispersed nature of our students it would be impossible (or at least impractical) for an on-line student to travel to a monitored exam setting on campus to take an exam.And yet, as an accredited institution, we need assurances that your exam scores reflect your intellectual achievements and are not the result of some kind of cheating.

Question #2:How do you suggest that I as a faculty member “monitor” you during an exam?

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