In this module, we learned a great deal about Minoan and Mycenaean society, as well as the archeologists, Sir Arthur Evans and Heinrich Schliemann, who essentially broke way for new and stunning historical research with their astounding discoveries.

For this discussion, identify which archeologist YOU think made the greater impact with their discovery: Sir Arthur Evans or Heinrich Schliemann. Your decision should be based upon what we were able to learn about the Aegean civilizations as a result of their contributions.

Your response must include:

  • the rationale or criteria you think are essential for determining which discovery had a greater benefit or more influential impact on history.
  • specific examples that support your reasoning and demonstrate why your chosen archeologist’s discovery ranks as more successful than the other examined in this module by referencing what we know about the Aegean civilizations because of him.

Be sure to refer back to the learning activities where appropriate and provide citations for any additional resources you may use

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