I need 100-250 word for each include references

1. In Chapter 9, Delbert describes India’s struggle to respond to pervasive cyber attacks and consideration of offensive cyber operations. Find an example of offensive cyber attacks that have been deployed. What is the rationale for the deployment of this tool? Do you believe it is the appropriate response? Explain.

2. In Mitchel Broussard’s article, the author reported that a federal court authorized a search warrant to search a suspect’s phone. However, rather than simply allowing law enforcement access to the device, this warrant required the suspect to utilize Apple’s Touch ID function by placing her finger onto the device to provide her fingerprint.

Is there a difference between the court granting access to a device versus requiring the suspect to aid in the access of the device? What are the distinctions between these two searches? Are there differences in the right to privacy expectations between these two?

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