Use the three articles by McKinsey entitled “Customer Decision Journey,” “The New Customer Decision Journey,” and “From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do” (available under Discussion Board Articles) as the basis for your analysis and comment. Students will be graded based on how they integrate concepts and frameworks of the lecture materials in understanding the nature of consumer decision journey described in these articles and illustrate its utility to the development of customer touchpoint mapping. Also, students are encouraged to research materials related to customer journey analysis and mapping from other external sources and list all referenced articles. This Knowledge Board is for general comments/ analysis and replies to the listed questions on posted articles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST START A FRESH NEW THREAD UNDER YOUR NAME TO Offer your Critiques and Answers to the below questions:

1: What are the most important takeaways from these articles as they relate to the analysis of customer journey compared and contrasted with the consumer decision process?

2: Relate your takeaways from these articles to how you embark on mapping customer touchpoints for the purchase you recently made?

Here are the criteria for grading this Knowledge Board:


(0) = Did not make a posting

(1) = Offered an only brief summary of the posted article (one paragraph)

(2) = Offered a detailed summary of posted article/ didn’t answer questions or answer questions without offering details on the posted articles (2 or more paragraphs)

(3) = Offered detailed summery + discussion of main takeaways + answered posted questions

(4) = Offered detailed discussion of takeaways plus critical reviews listing citations based on referenced research + answered posted questions.

(5) = Offered detailed discussion of takeaways plus critical review listing citations based on referenced research + answered posted questions. Also, offered and received 3 commentaries each on and from other postings/ students.

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