Treatment of a Patient with InsomniaThe patient is a 75-year-old widow who lost her husband 10-months ago. Th patient came to the clinic with chief complaints of insomnia. Past medical history are diabetes, hypertension, and major depressive disorder. Since the passing of her husband, she states her depression has gotten worse as well as her sleep habits. She is alert, and oriented x3. Patient normally sees PCP once or twice a year. Patient denies any suicidal ideations. Patient currently takes the following medications: Metformin 500mg BID, Januvia 100mg daily, Losartan 100mg daily, HCTZ 25mg daily, and Sertraline 100mg daily. Current weight: 88 kg. Current height: 64 inches. Temp: 98.6 degrees F. BP: 132/86 (Laureate, n.d.).Insomnia is a persistent problem falling and staying asleep (Rosenthal & Burchum, 2021). Most cases of insomnia are related to poor sleep, habit depression, anxiety, lack of exercise, chronic illness, or certain medication.  Risk factors associated with insomnia are female sex, advanced age, depressed mood, snoring, low level of physical activities, comorbid of other medical conditions, and high level of stress.

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