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BUS 505 Discussion 1

“Pre-Proposal Phase Activities” Please respond to the following:

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  • Evaluate the overall phase of pre-proposal activities based on the best practices identified in Chapter 7 and make at least one recommendation for improving the phase. Provide specific examples that illustrate how your recommendation would help.
  • Determine and discuss the worst possible mistake a proposal team could make during the pre-proposal phase. Explain your rationale. Identify a strategy that prevents this mistake.


  • Use the Internet to research bid strategy best practices discussed in Chapter 8 of the textbook from a variety of credible sources. Be prepared to discuss.

Discussion 2

“Building and Organizing the Capture Team” Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of capture team members and determine which two roles could be combined into a single role. Explain your rationale.
  • Analyze the required qualifications of capture team leaders and determine which leadership role best suits you (where you would be the most successful). Explain your rationale.

LEG 505

Discussion 1

“Competitive Bidding and Long-Term Cost Savings” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, take a position on whether competitive bidding provides long-term cost savings when Medicare patients are being limited to the use of the lowest bidders for durable medical equipment. Support your position.
  • Elaborate on whether or not competitive bidding will remain a viable alternative when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is fully implemented in 2014. Support your position. Discuss defining factors regarding the competitive bidding process and its survival or failure in the healthcare arena if Universal Health Care is implemented in 2014.


  • Review the GAO report titled “Medicare: Issues for Manufacturer-Level Competitive Bidding for Durable Medical Equipment,” located at, and then take note on the value of competitive bidding for long-term cost savings. Be prepared to discuss.

Discussion 2

“The Two-Step Process for Contract Interpretation” Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the benefit and the effectiveness of the two-step process for contract interpretation. Provide an example to support your analysis. Then, recommend another step to the process and discuss how this additional process improves the interpretation process.
  • Analyze how the two-step process for contract interpretation enhances the government contracting process. Provide an example to support your analysis. Then, recommend another step to the process and discuss how this additional process improves the government contracting process.

Discussion 3

“Outsourcing and In-House Operations” Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss what you would consider to be an inherently governmental function in the context of government contracting. Explain why there would be a preference as to outsourcing and in-house operations in the areas of materials acquisition planning, resource allocation planning, and materials flow control.
  • Outsourcing and in-house operations are interactive elements of materials acquisition planning, resource allocation planning, and materials flow control. Argue whether or not inherently government functions should be outsourced. Support your argument with example(s). Then, offer an alternative based on your position.

Discussion 4

“Market Research” Please respond to the following:

  • Take a position on whether a government agency should be allowed extensive leeway in determining the methodology used to develop a market research plan in the acquisition and distribution of supplies and services. Provide a specific example of government spending that would support your position.
  • Analyze the importance and explain the value of a market research plan in the acquisition and distribution of supplies and services. Support your position with examples. Explain which aspect of the market research plan is likely to be the most valuable for those seeking to acquire a company.

ECO 550

Discussion 1

Five Forces (Porter’s Five Forces)

Examine a highly competitive industry (airlines, video games, fast food, soft drinks, your own field etc.) using the Five Forces. Is this an attractive industry? Why or why not?…

Discussion 2

Price Discrimination

  • Does your company use price discrimination? Explain how the practice works in direct and indirect price discrimination and estimate the effect of price discrimination on profits compared to charging a flat price.
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