Stock Analysis Assignment

we have already devolved the ratios table its gonna be attached with the other instructions. we also will attach an example of the whole project to be used as a guideline. follow the example please

  1. Quantitative Analysis. In your write out after the table examine each and every ratio. On some ratios your stock may be the best. On some other ratios it may be the worst. On some ratios it may be in the middle. After examining each ratio give your final verdict. Based on our overall Quantitative analysis your stock is the best, the worst, or in the middle.
  2. Qualitative Analysis.

You need to perform qualitative analysis now! The intent here is that is you have to go beyond the numbers (i.e. the quantitative analysis). You need to answer some of the sample questions as described below. Try to understand the intent of this section of the analysis. We are developing our understanding of our company (and the competitors) beyond the numbers. You may add more questions to the list below. You may skip some of the questions below. That is, pick information based on your judgment and availability of information. In order to perform qualitative analysis you may use the three sources as mentioned above. You may visit the web site of your company. A list of partial questions is below.

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What is the sector outlook? What is the industry outlook? What are analysts saying about your company? What is the current news about your company? What is future outlook of your company? What are the strengths of your company? What are the weaknesses of your company? What is the extent of competition faced by your company? How would future trends impact your company?

Now give your final verdict based on qualitative analysis.

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