My assignment I want you reply participate my friend I attached the article first read it and than answer:

This is my question I ask my friend and they answer

Q: Do you think better communication and hence better understanding of science can relieve poverty in Africa? If yes, outline a few ways you think this can happen. Otherwise, First student answer: I believe that better communication and understanding of science in Africa could significantly relieve poverty in Africa. First, understanding of science within Africa could greatly enhance innovation within the region. Notably, increased understanding of science would bring in the use of new technologies and innovations, which would solve a majority of the community poverty-related problems. Such problems may include lack of food, insufficient energy and decreased health status levels. Notably, understanding of science would enhance agricultural productivity, production of energy as well improve the population health status through the use of health technologies in health-related matters. Also, better communication, as well as better understanding of science, could help enhance the educational levels of individuals within Africa which would help fight poverty.

second student answer: my answer is yes because many scientists in Africa acknowledge the importance of science communication but the participation in such activities remains low.Some of the reasons why the science communication has been given for this, including the perception of outreach as a secondary role in research, low availability of resources for engagement, time constraints and a lack of institutional support and reward for scientists who engage in outreach.There is no doubt that African countries have seen increased investment in health research. But with most of this increase coming from international donors, the question of who sets the research agenda remains. In other words, that once the programmer funding runs out, the gains made in terms of capacity building on the ground in Africa persist into the future. Some of the African countries are successfully developed a science café course to train undergraduate students to apply their scientific knowledge to develop and host outreach activities working topics such as cancer, nutrition, and stem cell therapy, helping to identify public opinion on these topics.

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