Your paper must be between three and five pages in length, NOT counting the “works

cited” page. If you choose to write a three page paper the third page must be


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filled all the way to the bottom margin. While you may include pictures,

lists, and other graphics in your paper, they do not count toward your three page

minimum. You must make up the space taken up by these items with additional writing

MLA format requires that your paper be double spaced.

The use of spacing that causes

a paper to be less than 3 full pages if it were correctly spaced will result in the paper

not being accepted and you will receive no points for the paper.)

Never refer to yourself or your opinion in a formal research paper. The words “I”,

“you”, and “me” should not appear in your paper unless they are part of a direct quote

from one of your sources. This is a research paper, not an essay or opinion piece, and it

should be written in a formal, academic style. Do not offer your opinion in the paper.

The only opinions expressed should be those of your expert source

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