Nimmy James     Re: Topic 7 DQ 1  responseThe main objective of dissemination is to rise and encourage to spread the knowledge regarding evidence- based interventions. The main goal of enhancing better applications and patient outcome. There are various internal and external methods of disseminating evidence- based project. However, the method applied should be effective. The effectiveness characterized by positive engagement of the targeted audience, which enhances awareness, understanding and motivation to implement in the workplace. One of the hardest aspects of evidence-based practice (EBP) is making sure that the change we wanted to occur actually happens. So, evaluation of the results is a major component of evidence-based practice. It shows the progress that you have made throughout the process, it shows the failures and it also shows the success. As Ginex p states “Share the outcomes but also the process of your project: what worked, what didn’t, what you learned, and what you would do (or not do!) again” (Ginex, 2018).  “Dissemination can occur in many forms within your organization and beyond, and it should be part of the planning process for the full project” (Ginex, 2018). One internal method of dissemination of the project can be the hospital board, nurses and physicians and other professionals involved in patient care. These people have the most power to make the most change necessary to make the EBP successful. An internal method of disseminating of my EBP is through my unit counsel group and policy committee. These groups to ensure my EBP project will be implemented according to unit needs. One external method of dissemination can be the patients and families. External dissemination doesn’t even have to be through people it can be used through posters or even through on-line media. The internal and external groups are very important to facilitate sharing knowledge and data in the nursing field. Moreover, when reporting the finding to the groups would facilitate constructive criticism of the result, it will provide the opportunity to improve before implementation.     References:   Ginex, P. K. (2018). Use these methods to evaluate EBP outcomes and disseminate results. Oncology Nursing Society Voice.Retrieved from must include doi or retrieval URL

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