1. During one year, the Cheung’s real estate bill included $253 for county services. Of this amount, $93 went to the highway department. What percent did the county highway department receive? (Round answer to two decimal places.)

2.The second angle of a triangle is 3 times as large as the first. The third angle is 60 degrees° more than the first.

Find the measure of the smallest angle.

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3.A garden is in the shape of a rectangle and has a perimeter of 58 yards. The length of the garden is 5 more than twice the

width. Find the dimensions of the garden. show work for this problem please

4. 4x^2 – 3xy+9y^2-3(5xy+7y^2) remove parenthesis and simplify ^ means square and please show work for this

5. The ages of Edna, Ellie, and Elsa are consecutive integers. The sum of their ages is 93.

What are their ages? please show work for this too

only 5 questions

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