Communication Dilemma

This praxis assignment asks you to describe, explain, evaluate, and reflect on your own communication dilemma. Communication dilemma is inevitable in our social life. By detecting, examining, and reflecting on a specific dilemma you experienced in your own communication, it is hoped that you will be able to gain deeper knowledge about the importance and dynamics of discourse practices, to further your understanding about the multi-facetedness of identity and identity-work, and to achieve phronesis (i.e. wise communication) in your own communication.

For this assignment, do the following:

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1. Describe your communication dilemma within a particular situation. You can either choose one of the prompts (click here Prompts.docxPreview the document)–if it’s relevant to your personal experience–or write about a dilemma you faced in your own communication that is not listed in the prompts. Be specific about the interaction.

2. Explain what your communication dilemma was and what were the desirable identities (two or more than two) in tension with each other and how the enactment of these identities points to conflicting discourse practices in your situation.

3. Evaluate your own response to that communicative dilemma by discussing how you managed the dilemma in your own communication and what were the discourse practices utilized to achieve both desirable identities (or just one of them) in that situation.

4. Reflect on your own communication in response to that dilemma. Did you successfully defuse the tension between the two (or more than two) identities or between competing discourse practices? If not, what are the alternatives? What can you learn from this success (or failure) in order to communicate wisely in similar situations (and beyond) in the future?

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