This paper will be 5-7 pages of narrative (1250 words), plus a title page, abstract page, and a reference page. (title, abstract, and reference page are not included in the 5 page limit)

Title page: Refer to your APA Manual and also to the “Sample APA Format Template for Student papers” posted on the Course Content page of this course for formatting assistance.

Abstract: The abstract should open with a sentence that will serve as an introduction to and purpose of the paper. Then describe what will be discussed in each part of the paper.  An abstract is usually a brief but comprehensive synopsis of the contents of the paper that typically does not exceed 250 words.  See APA Manual p 25.  At the end of the abstract place the phrase Key Words, and denote 3-4 key words that would describe your paper if it was published and indexed in CINAHL or PubMed.

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Narrative text:

Introduction: Start paper with a short paragraph that introduces the paper.  Then use the following components as the headings for your paper: Part A; Part B; Part C; Part D.

Part A: Part A will discuss your thoughts on why utilizing EBP is important in nursing. You may use your textbook and/or articles from peer-reviewed journals as additional references but please remember to cite in both the text and on the reference page, using APA format.

Part B: Part B will discuss why understanding research methods is necessary in order to implement EBP.  You may use your textbook and/or articles from peer-reviewed journals as additional references but please remember to cite in the text and include in the reference list, using APA format. 

Part C: Part C will discuss how nurses are utilizing evidence-based practice around the world (global health care).  Find an article in a peer-reviewed journal and a health topic that interests you.  Use the CINAHL database to conduct a Literature Review to help find an article from a NURSING journal.  (Refer to the presentation How to Access the FIU Library and How to Do a Literature Search using CINAHL).  DO NOT USE A MEDICAL, INTERDISCIPLINARY, OR A NON-PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL. Select an article that describes what nurses are doing for evidence-based practice in that country.  The article must be from a nursing journal but does not need to be one that discusses a research study.  Cite the article in the text and include in the reference list.

Part D: Part D is a conclusion to your paper.  It should summarize the key points of the paper.

Reference page: Refer to your APA manual for a sample of proper format, or to the “APA Sample Student Paper” within Blackboard.

As noted, the essay must be a scholarly paper in APA format and use at least one APA reference (the chosen article), cited both in text and on the reference list.  Use the Sample APA Format Template to help you format your paper.  Do not write in the first person.

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Abstract PartA part B

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