Country: Jamaica

MLA Format

Introduction: Basic background about the county (location, population, what the country is known for) and why you chose that country. This segment should not be more than 8 sentences.

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Supply and demand dilemma: find an article that expounds on a factor or factors that shift the supply and/or demand curves within a particular market for your country. Discuss how that factor(s) impacts the demand/supply curves and overall price and quantity.

Economic trends: select only two (Unemployment Rate and Inflation) of the trends from the list below to discuss in detail. Ensure that you do not define the terms that you discuss, but that you focus on the changing trends (using the appropriate terminology) and the cause(s) of the changes. This section should be at least 1.5 pages.

Discuss why this is important for you to be informed about the economic climate of this particular country with regards to being a tourist, future employee/employer or concerned global citizen. This segment should be no more than 7 sentences.

Conclusion: Based upon the analysis where do you think the country stands and how can that country improve its economic status? This segment should be no more than 8 sentences.

Graphs/charts (required), and Works Cited (required) will not count toward the 4 pages that are required. The graphs and charts for each economic indicator (Unemployment Rate and Inflation) must be in the Appendix section (and properly cited). All graphs should be downloaded from an economic data resource page and properly cited.

Helpful Sites for Research:

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

The World Bank

International Monetary Fund

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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