Please read the attached document for the complete instructions for this activity.

Part 1: Home Electricity Use Journal
All of us use energy in our homes. Heating/Cooling systems use significant amounts of energy, as lighting and home office equipment. To evaluate this use, monitor your personal home energy use for 3 days.

Part 2: Calculate your Personal Yearly Energy Use
For each of the appliances you used, multiply the number of hours used by the number of watts. Then divide that number by 1000 to get kilowatt-hours (KWH). After everything is calculated, find the average daily use by dividing by the number of days included.

Part 3: Analysis and Conclusions
In 2-3 well written paragraphs, respond thoughtfully to the questions below. Cite your sources using CSE (Name, Year) in-text references and provide a complete Works Cited at the end of your document.

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