Topic should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the readings and activities. Use your words wisely so that the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Best practice is to include citations and a reference list.

It is essential to be aware of potential ethical problems that may arise in practice. Without such awareness, a human service professional can stumble inadvertently into a problematic situation from which it can be difficult to extricate yourself. Your discussion will focus on developing and enhancing your awareness in this area. (Nebraska)

Select one of the case studies listed in Chapter 4 in your text, Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in the Human Services. Respond to the following questions regarding the scenario you have chosen:

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Describe the scenario you selected and identify each of the problematic decisions made by the practitioner involved.

At each of the decision points you identified, describe a more ethical choice of actions for the practitioner.

Assuming your ethical suggestions were not implemented, create a plan of action for how to manage the situation from this point on.

Research similar disciplinary scenarios in your own state (Nebraska) and discuss how they were addressed by the regulatory board. If no such violations occurred in your state, you may use one from a nearby state.

Will discover unique ethical concerns you may encounter working in a smaller community. Chapter 4 in your text, Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in the Human Services, will explore the effects of obtaining personal benefits from your work with clients. This can be more likely to occur in smaller communities and can cause additional ethical issues to be aware of.

In Chapter 6 of your text, Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in the Human Services, you will discover what to do when faced with unavoidable and unanticipated circumstances in working with clients, especially when living in a small community and how best to address these issues.

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