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Leslie Kirkland


Entrepreneurship – the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture, along with any of its risks in order to make a profit (Business Dictionary, 2018).

Innovation and entrepreneurship are at times cohesive when a new approach is introduced into the market. Entrepreneurs achieve success by creating value in the marketplace when they combine resources in new and different ways to gain a competitive edge over rivals (Scarborough & Cornwall, 2015). Some actions may include merging multiple approaches of a business style into one or implementing a creative idea that is unique to its market. For example, the concept of Amazon ‘Go’ is the world’s most advanced shopping technology that requires no lines or checkout, allowing the customer to grab their items and go. An article in Start-Ups featured Ashley-Fry, a service that brings puppies into the office place – which promotes wellbeing (, 2018).

Entrepreneurial activities are important in growing economies, as they assist with economic growth, creating job opportunities that allows market competition and increase productivity



Entrepreneurship is one of the most important sources of economic growth in the world. With entrepreneurs designing, planning, and launching their own businesses, they are thus putting their own contribution into the constant flow of money in the economy. With new ideas produced by entrepreneurs, you are able to see the growth of massive companies over a certain period of time such as companies like Apple. Apple created a competitive market when Apple started growing and soon encouraged others to create their own versions and build continuously as entrepreneurs in a billion dollar technology economy.

With ideas and technology constantly growing further into the next level, the consumer is always able to see how innovation and entreprenurship are connected, but can be difficult. To be an innovator, it requires a vast amount of knowledge about the market, experience, and the ability to actually bring an idea into fruition and then sell it. Some of the attributes of innovators are: being able to find gaps, always looking for ways to upgrade, and is ready to accept risks. If a person has the ability to be an innovator and be an entrepreneur, then they already possess two of the main triggers to be successful in a capitalist market.



Good evening all,

I would give Beowulf an A as a king on a grading scale from A-F. He was a man of mild manner that cared about his people, their land and safety. Beowulf was a religious man that knew where his strength came from. Beowulf knew the source of his strength and he did not let himself get in the way. Meaning Beowulf did not boast about his strength coming from himself but rather he acknowledged it coming from a higher power. This passage shows the religious side of Beowulf as well as his strength.

The monster wrenched and wrestled with him
but Beowulf was mindful of his mighty strength,
the wondrous gifts God had showered on him:
He relied for help on the Lord of All,
on His care and favour. So he overcame the foe,
brought down the hell-brute. (Greenblatt, 2012, pg. 69, Line1269-1274)

The second reason that I gave Beowulf an A as a King is because of his wealth. In reality all Kings are wealthy. He was one of those wealthy Kings both at home and abroad.

The cup was carried to him, kind words
spoken in welcome and a wealth of wrought gold
graciously bestowed: two arm bangles,
a mail-shirt and rings, and the most resplendent
torque of gold I ever heard tell of
anywhere on earth or under heaven. (Greenblatt, 2012, pg. 68, Line 1191-1196)




If I were to grade Beowulf as a king, I would say that he earned an A. I’m basing this grade on courage and approval rate.

Beowulf has several attacks throughout the story. There are several times where Beowulf’s accomplishments are mentioned. Unferth mentioned the time when Beowulf took on Breca in a swimming match and Beowulf himself mentions how he battled and bound multiple beasts. What I found most courageous is the fact that Beowulf believes that he is ready to fight Grendel.

  • “Now I mean to be a match for Grendel, settle the outcome in single combat.” (pg. 50, line 424-426)

Not only does he think that he can take on Grendel but he also believes that he can do it in single combat.

As for approval rate, there are several times in the story where Beowulf is thanked, praised and highly spoken of.

  • “He will not let you down. Should you die before him, he will treat our children truly and fairly. He will honor, I am sure, our two sons…” (pg. 67, Line 1181-1183).

The queen spoke highly of him in her speech and that is a reflection of how several other feel about him

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