What does equality/inequality really mean in 21st century America? Consider in terms of education, social class, etc., Does it always mean the same thing? Can the ‘line’ be moved/shifted depending on what particular issue is being discussed? How so, why, in what way?

-Formal tone, No “I” voice
-12pt. Times New Roman Font – 1.5 spacing
-essay must be a minimum of 6-8 pages in length
thesis statement must be set off in other type (bold, italics, or underlined)
-essay must include a refutation.
-Locate 3 articles online that deal with the issue of equality/inequality in America. The approach can be from racial, gender, age, etc., in the 21st Century.

-one must come from a .edu website
-one must come from a CNN
-one can be of your choice.

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