Select an Industry Report that looks interesting to you.

Thoroughly review the Report Snapshot and use MS Word to type-up a 1 page paper highlighting the key factors regarding the Industry. Please review the following MS Word Presentation: Introduction to MS Word Presentation: Need Title page and reference page, APA Style


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  1. Please describe the industry you are reviewing and why it is of interest to you.
  2. Add the Industry definition.
  3. Discuss components of The Supply Chain such as: Supply Industries, Related Industries, Key Economic Drivers, Demand Industries, Related International Industries, etc.
  4. Discuss the Major players and the Main Activities.
  5. Use the “Industry at a Glance” tab to discuss Key Statistics Snapshot such as: Revenue, Profit, Annual Growth, Wages, and Businesses. See Blood and Organ Bank PDF Save as BUS101 Mod 1 SLP Lori ______________________________________________________________________________________
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