Country: France

For each day of the summit, you are to type 1-2 pages (single spaced) of detailed notes on one or more of the policy topics for each day.

You will turn in TWO policy papers – one due each day of the summit that should cover the material assigned for that day. On Monday 14 November, you will write about the single market, Eurozone crisis, and/or migrant crisis.

On Wednesday 16 November, you will write about enlargement and/or Brexit.

You should organize your notes with the following points for each policy area: (a) background on the policy, (b) your country’s position on the policy, (c) research that supports this position. your notes should be professional and free of obvious grammatical and organizational errors.

The purpose of the policy papers is to prepare you for the oral discussion during the summit. Therefore, students are encouraged to write detailed papers to ensure that they received maximum participation points during the summit. A detailed paper may also help to supplement weak participation.

This assignment and your participation during the summit are worth up to 30 points per day (60 points total).

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