Please follow this instructions for this assignment. Also I attached my two parts Evaluation Proposal already submitted to professor. I only included the attachment so you can see what the paper was all about in order to present the infomation in powerpoint format. Please do not copy and paste any of the infomation from either paper. Please make sure this PPT is aesthetically appealing. If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.

Since each of you has likely selected different topics to explore in designing your evaluation proposals, the purpose of this assignment is for you to share with your colleagues key aspects of your projects. To this end, you are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (re: no more than 10 slides, not including a cover slide and reference slide) on your evaluation proposal. You must address the following three content areas below. In addition, you are to select two of your group members’ presentations to review. Note, do not merely “copy and paste” text from Assignments 2, 3, and 4 into your PPT (re: no paragraphs); doing so will result in an automatic 10 point deduction. Also, your PPT should be aesthetically appealing. That is, please choose a thematic background (re: do not use the default setting of black text on a plain, white background).

I. Background/Context of the Problem—10 points

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Briefly describe the problem you selected to address in consideration of your population. Summarize the consequences associated with not addressing the problem. Delineate your interest in the problem. Provide an overview of the EBP intervention chosen to address the problem.

II. Focus of Your Evaluation—10 points

State the purpose of your evaluation. Present the hypothesis. Identify the SSD to be employed and address why you chose this design. Briefly indicate how the dependent variable (DV) would be measured and summarize why you opted to employ these methods.

III. Implications for Social Work Practice—5 points

Highlight the potential implications as to how your evaluation (e.g., problem, intervention, client system, design, etc.) may inform social work practice from both a knowledge–building approach and knowledge–using approach.

IV. The Evaluation Proposal Process—5 points

Speak to what you have learned throughout the process of creating your evaluation proposal.

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