Many Dystopian Novels are reactionary pieces to events that are headlining the news in their respective publication decades. In some way, shape or form, they promote an escape from the cave. Many of the issues that irked Aldous Huxley when he wrote his novel are in the news today. You probably noticed that the attitudes exhibited are those YOU have held about recent and current events.

For this paper, pull the following facets together –

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  1. evidence from the NOVEL (minimum 3 quotes from the text),
  2. a CURRENT NEWS REPORT from a reputable news organization (minimum 1 quote),
  3. and how, together, they promote or do not promote an ESCAPE FROM THE CAVE.

Then in your paper, explain how one character, from Brave New World would respond to the event, the opinions the character would have about what was happening in the event, and how it all relates to an escape from the cave.

Consider the following formula:

  • Identify your character and describe their personality, using quotations or direct reference to incidents in the novel to substantiate your claims about the character. What general issues interest him or her?
  • Indicate which of the What Ifs you explored. 

  • Categorize the news article, then summarize it and document the source from which you 

this information. 

  • Explain how you and your character would respond to the current event you’ve summarized. You may show your attitude through choice of words and images (which is the way writers reflect TONE–author’s attitude toward a particular subject). 

  • Explain how you and the character see this as an escape from the cave. 

  • You may be creative in your organization – What is critical is that you show you understand the personality and motivation of the character in the novel.
  • Include documentation of book and current news events. 

REMINDER . . .Work on figuring out what to do for your Brave New World Dystopian ESSAY

1. Figure out the expectations outlined on document

2. Choose your character–find 3 quotes/scenes

3. Vet article–make sure it works, identify quote to use–IS IT FROM A REPUTABLE SOURCE (or is your choice going to immediately communicate that you are not that sure of yourself)?

4. double spaced size 12 font MLA format

5. Draft out the Works Cited (Brave, lecture, article)

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