You are to choose one of the following discussion questions to answer. Let’s have an array of questions please so early in the week, choose a question and stake your claim with a placeholder forum topic.

When answering your question, please make sure you indicate which question you are answering in your post.

Thinking about the period 1995-2000 …

1. Debate the importance of US involvement in the UN.

2. If you had the power to change a Resolution in the UN, what would you have done differently in Angola and why?

3. Debate whether or not the OAS should have had a role in the Guatemala crisis.

4. Is re-entrenchment a policy the United Nations should follow? Yes/No, Explain. Give Examples.

5. A few years ago President Obama addressed the Indian Parliament and stated that India should become a permanent member of the Security Council. Argue for or against India as a permanent member.

6. Debate the effectiveness of ultimatums. (This might be a bit of foreshadowing with the Spanish – Catalonia crisis. Could be used an example of how these crises rise to the level of UN involvement.)

7. On the road towards peacekeeping and peace-building, is force required if a country does not comply with the stipulations set forth by the international community?

8. As the UN Secretary General of the UN, what precautions do you give to NGOs as they enter into a hostile area? Will you back these NGOs up if they get into trouble?

Remember to read your texts, watch the videos, and read any other materials in Week 4 Lessons. Include those ideas in your discussions.

I look forward to reading your posts and providing feedback on your topics!

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 350 words. Please respond with 3 follow-up posts for full credit in participation. Responses should be a minimum of 150 words. The initial required post should be supported by course readings using parenthetical references. Click here for a copy of the discussion rubric. Follow the Turabian Quick Guide style for author/date. Click on the tab in the middle of the page.

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