Explore the Drawdown website where solutions to climate change are posted: https://www.drawdown.org/solutions-summary-by-rank (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Look over the list and choose ONE of the solutions from the Drawdownwebsite.

  1. Choose one project from the Drawdown website to present to the class that particularly interests you. Write one paragraph with details of the issue and another paragraph with details of the solution. In another paragraph tell us why you choose this project. Remember not to plagiarize, and in such a short summary, do not include any quotes; you will need to write all materials yourself.
  2. Explain in detail what aspects of culture are involved in this solution (e.g., food, technology, gender, etc.). Please do not simply list, but discuss how these aspects are inter-related.
  3. Make explicit connections between the solution you chose and the three pillars of sustainability
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