Choose one film (either The First Monday in May or The True Cost) and analyze it with reference to the ideas and topics. Focus writing on one film, not both.

In your fashion film response of 600-750 words, discuss how your film communicates a significant social or cultural idea about the fashion industry and include analysis and evidence to demonstrate how your film communicates this. What does your film tell us about fashion as an industry and how does it accomplish this? What does it say? How does it say it? Summarize your argument about your film in a clear, one-sentence thesis statement.

Also talk about the film in relation to these other ideas/themes/topics (choose one or two):

– Identity Formation (Subject Positions/Intersectionality)

– The Body/Everyday Life

– Society (Class/Race/Gender)

– Uniformity and Nonconformity

– Music and Subculture

– Celebrity Culture

– Fashion and Media

– Fashion and Display

– Time and Cultural Memory

Should meet the requirement listed below:

– A clear description and contextualization of your fashion film

– A clear, one-sentence thesis statement that summarizes your argument about your film

– A clear, thoughtful analysis of your film, connected to course topics and informed by analysis of course readings

– Generous, explicit, and thoughtful connection to the sources of your research through citations

– An introduction, conclusion, and bibliography formatted according to Chicago style

– Clear writing and evidence of editing and proofreading

At least one text you cite must come from the list below, and the others you cite should come from academic outside sources.

Required Readings (Choose at least one from this list):

Yuniya Kawamura – “Designers: The Personification of Fashion” (PDF attached)

Minh-Ha T. Pham – “Racial Plagiarism and Fashion” (PDF attached)

Elisa Lewittes – “How Fashion Brands Can Create a More Sustainable End-to-End Retail Economy” ( )

Carry Somers – “Does Your Feminist T-Shirt Empower the Women Who Make It?” ( )

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