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Every ECPI University Online Healthcare Administration Student must complete a Capstone Portfolio Project. The purpose of this project is for you to demonstrate relevant experiences and a mastery of the program objectives. Your capstone project is a collection of documents that demonstrate your endeavors during the ECPI University Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Program. This project will document your academic, professional, and service accomplishments and may include major course papers, projects, reports, presentations, publications, and other samples of work you completed.

This project will also be a useful career tool which can be used as a marketing instrument to showcase your professional development, skills and experiences.

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There are five parts to your project, and you will work on your project in each unit thoroughout the course. Each week you will submit one section of the Portfolio Project and write one or two Reflective Analysis Papers to demonstrate your knowledge of the applicable concepts. You will find the directions for each part of your project in the course project pages within the units. You are also required to submit your course project documents from previously completed HCA courses as supporting evidence. Important Note: If you do not provide your course project documents from your previous courses as supporting evidence for your Reflective Analysis Papers, the highest grade you will be able to earn on your Reflective Analysis Paper is a B.

Reflective Analysis Paper Requirements

As previously indicated, you will create one to two papers each week. Your Reflective analysis papers should include an introduction and conclusion. Be specific and describe how you mastered the concept/topic for each paper and use examples of your previous coursework as supporting evidence. An appropriate length for each paper is one to two pages. You must reflect on the information learned to write your conclusion. Use APA to format your paper. You are not required to cite any additional sources, however if you choose to do so to support your position, please cite your source(s) using APA style. You will find information on APA Guidelines in the Course Information of your course

Pulling It All Together – Capstone Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation

In addition to your reflective Analysis papers you will also be required to create a PowerPoint Presentation. This presentation will focus on the key aspects of your learning. Your PowerPoint presentation you must either include narrowed slides with audio or you may create a separate word document containing a narrated speech for your presentation. You should begin working on this presentation in Unit 1 as you create your first Reflection Analysis Paper. This presentation allows you to pull together all components of your capstone portfolio project and should address the work that you have included throughout this course.


  • Your presentation should be no more than 15 slides.
  • Your presentation should contain bulleted points and should be visually pleasing.
  • Include your recorded narration into the presentation. The following link gives instructions on adding sound to your presentation: Adding Sound to PowerPoint (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Your recorded narration should be more than reading the words on the slide you are presenting.
  • Consider your audience and use clip-art, animation, templates and fonts that best communicate the information.
  • You may need to research articles and books on the Internet and via the ECPI Online Library to support any concepts you include. You must use credible sources. Wiki’s and blog are unacceptable sources. Be sure to include the URL(s)).
  • Use APA style to site your sources and be sure to include a reference page in your presentation.
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