Respond to two of your peers’ initial posts and consider the following:

How does your decision-making process compare to your peers’ process?

Refer to the Discussion Rubric below for directions on completing these discussions:…

Peer One’s Response:

The decision matrix could be used in any business form across any different market looking to analyze and identify the relationship between sets of information and data. I currently work for an engineering firm and we could use a matrix in many different applications. I think a great use for this would be evaluating using different parts on different engines. A person could look at different options and configurations to see where there could be benefits for the engine. If you look at the current configuration and use the decision matrix to see if a different technology of part would fit better to make for a more efficient running engine. This would be a great use for ordering and buying the best hardware for the engine.

I think the most challenging part of using the decision matrix for the final project was finding the right configuration that would work best for the application. I was looking into three or four options that would work well and getting down to just two was the hardest part. I think we could allow for more than two technologies to be selected and implemented in the project, that would my recommendation. All of the options on the matrix could help the company in some form so being able to choose as may option that would fit would be helpful for the final project. This way you would not be limited to just selecting two if there was a third that would fit with the company portfolio well.

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