The final research project invites you to learn about how feminist activism is done outside of the U.S., in Afghanistan, India, China, Nigeria, Mexico… This is an opportunity to learn from other feminists around the world and to correct the

that the U.S. is the most enlightened nation when it comes to gender equality

Please bear in mind that this is a research project. But you have a choice in this project between a traditional research paper (6 to 8 pages plus Works Cited) or a more creative project option (community workshop,

to a young feminist, or letter to the editor and high school WGS syllabus). Both options require substantial research and writing. Let me know if you have questions or want to meet to discuss your ideas! 🙂

Our goal is to think about feminism(s) transnationally, not just as a movement of women in the U.S. We are interested in how feminism is “done” in other places in the world. Toward that end, you may not focus on women in the U.S. for this project, and you must define transnational feminism in your paper. You may base this definition on any of the content in Module 4 and/or the scholars listed below (Chandra Mohanty or Cynthia Enloe). I offer a few suggested topics below, but you are also free to choose a topic that is not on the list—as long as you run it by me first.

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Your project proposal & bibliography of 5 secondary sources is due before midnight Saturday, May 4th, and the completed project is due before midnight Tuesday, May 14th.

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