Description:This is your proposal for the topic of your research paper. To do a good job of formulating this, you will need to delve a bit into the topic you have identified as the one you want to explore for your research paper. Search the college databases, read articles, books and essays that are relevant. This will allow you to do two things: (1) Make sure there is enough material available for your topic and (2) help you to narrow and focus.

Details:This paper should:

  • Be typewritten/computer processed
  • Be one to two pages in length
  • Conform to MLA style
  • Include the following elements, in this order:
  1. A statement of your research topic or a working hypothesis
  2. A research question that will allow you to efficiently and productively explore that topic
  3. Some background in which you state why this is a good topic and how it conforms to the general theme of the class.
  4. A research strategy. In other words, what is your plan for conducting the research? What sort of sources will you consult? Where do you plan to look? Are there specific organizational strategies that you will employ? Helpful hint: consider including a calendar with objectives and deadlines.

Grade Breakdown

Clear research topic/working hypothesis 25
Useful research question 20
Background 15
Strategy 20
Conforms to MLA style 10
Grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. 10

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