First, review the Koala Fun case (Case 2) in your textbook, as well as your responses to the case study review in Module Three, and then explain your answers to the quiz questions. In addition, address the following in your journal assignment:

  • Risks: Describe the risks that Koala Fun faced as a company.
  • Management: In what ways was Koala Fun not being managed to obtain optimum performance from its assets? Explain.
  • Decisions: How does this case demonstrate the importance of analyzing financial data when making financial decisions?
  • Recommendations: What recommendations regarding risk and profitability would you make to Koala Fun’s owners to improve their company? Briefly describe your recommendations.

Support your answers by referencing the case and providing information, including the financial ratios you calculated when you first worked on this case in Module Three.

I have attached case study and solution that I have submited in previous module.

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