Objectives: 1. Explain the purpose of “12 Step” Programs. 2. Describe how these programs are funded. 3. Discuss the role of the nurse in the community regarding the issue of “12 Step” Programs Please dress in a professional manner. Do not wear your student ID badge. Do not participate in the meeting. Plan to attend the meeting at least ½ hour prior to the beginning of the program. Criteria for Written Assignment 1. Call the program and identify yourself as a nursing student. Ask for permission to attend the program on a scheduled date (ask if it is an open meeting) 2. Become oriented to the program by doing some research about the purpose, history, and type of group you plan to attend 3. Using the APA format complete a 3 to 5 page paper and include the following: a. Official name of the program b. When did you attend c. Where was the program located d. Why did you chose this specific meeting e. Brief history of the program – MUST CITE (if information obtained during the meeting, cite IN the paper “personal communication” – not on the Reference page) f. Criteria for client entrance into program or group 4. The main body of the paper should address: a. Your objective impression of the program in meeting the client’s needs and your rationale. In your opinion was the group process (leadership style, established norms, etc.) effective. Why or why not? b. Would you refer future clients to this type of program? Why or why not? This is an APA writing exercise but it is also to provide you with a first-hand experience of what it is like to be part of a 12 step program. This will help in your future nursing career when educating clients about groups. But remember, all programs are not the same even in the same organization

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