Please respond for below discussion one paragraph with proper intext citation and reference to further the dialogue by providing more information and clarificationAccording to Jacobus and Martin (2019) “We need a study that will increase our sensitivity to ourselves, others, and the values in our world”(p.3). I believe that there is a lot of value in studying humanities for health care professionals.  Studying humanities can help us to understand others better. It can also open our minds to not just the bright side of things but the darker side, the side that no one really wants to talk about, but it needs to be explored (Jacobus and Martin, 2019)I think literature from another time period could enhance my career by reading things that were done in the past and see how it compares to how things are done now.  Just because times have changed and ways of doing things have evolved doesn’t mean that we can’t still learn from things done in the past.  As far as my personal life I enjoy listening to music from the 60s and 70s.  I find it interesting in the way music has changed and how styles have changed.One aspect of the humanities that I find meaningful to my career is drama.  I think that since drama can help with communication both verbal and non verbal it will be very beneficial for me as a nurse.  Communication is key in order to talk to your co workers, other physicians but most importantly our patients (Macnaughton, 2000). As for my personal life I love music.  It is my escape in a way.  I can turn on my favorite songs and sing and dance.  I may not be the best at it but it allows me to express myself and feel better.The Broadway show Wicked is a favorite of mine.  I grew up in Kansas, where of course we all know the Wizard of Oz takes place.  Living in Ohio now I always here “You’re not in Kansas anymore” and many other quotes from the movie.  I think the play Wicked is meaningful to me because it brings back those memories of the original movie and my life back in Kansas.Martin, F. D., & Jacobus, L. A. (2018). The humanities through the arts. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.Macnaughton, J. (2000). The humanities in medical education: context, outcomes and structures. Med Ethics: Medical Humanities, 26, 23–30.

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