Choose one of the two topics below for your primary post. Your primary post is due by Wednesday 11:55 PM ET, and your two required replies by Sunday, 11:55 PM ET.

Topic 1. Austral and Pacific Realms in the News

For this forum, find a recent news article (within the past 12 months) that describes the latest developments in a conflict, issue, or other major event in this the Austral or Pacific realm. Provide a brief summary of the conflict/issue/event that your article describes, and your own analysis of how this issue might affect the realm, and might be resolved. Be sure that the topic of the news article has some connection with the geographical issues and concepts we’ve been discussing, and be sure to highlight these connections in your discussion.

Remember that your article summary must be in your own words to avoid plagiarism.


Topic 2: Travel Itinerary

Both the Austral Realm and the Pacific Realm offer much fodder for the tourist imagination. Plan an itinerary for a vacation to one or both of these realms. The length of the trip is up to you, but describe at least three destinations that you would visit on your trip and explain why you chose these. And, since this is a geography class, your explanations should include points of geographical interest as well as standard tourist interest (of course, these can overlap).

Be sure that your trip is centered on one of both of these realms, as your textbook defines them. (For example, Japan isn’t included!)

Please consult at least two websites or other resources to plan your itinerary, and list those web addresses at the end of your post

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